Get out on ya bike!

The speed…. The adrenaline… The sheer unadulterated joy… Off road biking is one of these things that I do that really makes me know I am alive….ever since I started as a kid, it is one of my favourite things to do, especially manic downhillng! Whilst not everyone would get so much of a buzz from the experience, I love nothing more than to be careering down a 30 degree incline flying between trees and bumping over rocky terrain, ever millisecond needing to respond to the changing obstacles that cleared as quick as they are approached… In fact writing this article has made me almost feel that buzz again, I will be heading out for a night ride in the local forest shortly that’s for sure! But the reason for putting pen to paper, or fingers to keyboard is to share with you my passion for mountain biking, and persuade you if you don’t already ride to get into it.

I’m not talking about a gentle meander through the nearby woodland, or a pleasant roll down an undulating bridle path, bur instead some serious guns blazing hardcore off roading. One thing I also love about my fav pastime is all the kit – I have been through about 14 bikes in my time, and love modifying them, upgrading components and adding the best extras that money can buy…. In order to ensure that the bike doesn’t get in the way of the experience, I now aim for the best mountain bike I can afford, as I have learnt that it does make a difference. To those in the know this is obvious, but I can’t emphasise enough how important it is to get a decent bike to enjoy your off roading on – be it Kona, Specialised, Gary fisher or Trek, or maybe a Cannondale or Mongoose perhaps? Make sure you do get the best you can afford, or you will only encounter problems and further expense down the line.

Now where is my helmet mounted night light…?

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