Downhill Mountain Biking Trails 101 – The Need for Preparatory Work

You are able to get a decent mountain bike and you plan to hit serious downhill trails. Without a doubt, it would be fun and challenging. However, getting caught up by downhill mountain biking trails unprepared won’t bring out the best experience. So, to guide you on your way to an unforgettable biking experience, make sure to consider the following guidelines:

Keep in mind that preparation should be primed

Any excursion, whether intense or not, should be fully prepared. Take your bike to easier terrain and practice your way. Adjust first on simple terrains before going out for the rough trails. Never use an untried bike on rough biking trails and terrain. You will also have to prepare your arm and leg strength so that you can keep your mountain bike on track. To have a feel for the real thing, make sure to try single-track before riding on the real rough road.

Part of preparation is to check your bike at least twice before the main event. A routine check is always the safest and wisest strategy to make the most out of your mountain biking. Preparatory work done even just for a couple of minutes will keep you from future serious trouble. As part of your preparatory work, always have the following: helmet, riding shorts, pants and gloves.

Always keep your balance

When riding, maintain your balance by keeping the weight of your body leaned back on the bike’s seat. Make yourself comfortable. Nevertheless, if you feel like you do not have the full control of your front wheel, you may lean more forward. Do not stop to experiment until you find the angle that you think fits best.

If the biking trail is tremendously rough, do not forget to bend your limbs so that you can absorb the shock. There may be a need for suspension, but you will have to make yourself free as possible. Try to relax your body muscle but, do not try a death-grip. Remember that a stiff body will find it hard to keep control on the descent.

Go hit for the rough road

So, you are well prepared. Now, go hit the mountain trails and free yourself!

Downhill Mountain Biking Trail

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