Mountain Bike Guide: Choosing the Right One for You

There is no better way to go rolling on rough surfaces such as dirt roads, gravel, and trails than to ride on a mountain bike. With built-in suspension and wider, knobbed tires, mountain bikes make it easier to ride on rugged paths. The upright riding position is easier on the back compared to other bike types like utility or road bikes. Below is a mountain bike guide to help you eliminate the daunting process of choosing the bike that best fits you.

  1. Before jumping in to purchase your own mountain bike, consider thinking about what you intend to use your mountain bike for. The type of riding you will be doing will help you aim the skill set you will be targeting within a year. Instead of choosing a bike that is based on your current skill level, try to find a bike that is suitable for the riding level you believably think you will be at in a year’s time.
  2. Choose what type of mountain bike works for you. Do you prefer hardtail or suspension? Hardtails are mechanically simpler, lighter, cheaper, and challenging when dealing with difficult trails. They are great for riding on unvarying UK trail centres and tracks. Full-suspension bikes have better comfort, better handling and grip, and higher downhill speeds. They are great for rocky, steep, technical descents like the ones in Morzine or Lake Garda.
  3. Take into consideration which components such as groupsets (brakes, gears, derailleurs and other moving parts), chain-sets (crank and chainring), and wheelsize will work for you. For example, brakes can either be rim or hub based. Rim brakes are likely to be affected by rain and mud. Hub or disc brakes, on the other hand, offer stronger, accurate and more reliable braking; particularly the hydraulic brakes which run with remarkable efficiency.
  4. Book yourself to join a demo day. This way you can try as many bikes as you can. You can sign up and pay a small fee. Then, you get to test ride a few bikes on several decent trails. Not only does it give you a chance to spend a great day out, you can also ask as many questions as you want from the staff. They can also help set up the bike for you and aid you along the way.

Mountain Bike Downhill Race

One more thing, purchase the best mountain bike you can afford in a brick and mortar bike shop. If you opt to go for affordable deals online, always remember to find a bike that fits you best. It is not just about specs, frames, brakes, suspensions, or wheels. Everything still boils down to finding a bike that allows you to appreciate the outdoors, improve your health, and enjoy the ride. Remember, this is just a mountain bike guide to help you select the right bike for you.

Below is a video to help you in knowing the different types of mountain bikes and the difference between full suspension and front suspension. By knowing these, you have a good idea on what factors to look for when selecting the right mountain bike for you.

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