Things to Consider When Purchasing the Best Mountain Bikes over £500

It is not surprising if you are to aspire for your first ever “real” mountain bike. However, choosing for that “right” 2-wheeled vehicle can be trivial, especially when you are provided with hundreds of options. So, how to spot for the right one? Take the points below and be a guided buyer with realistic goals. Besides, it pays to be an informed buyer.

How much is your budget?

There are bikes that can amount to £7000. Although they are loaded with advanced features and expensive apparels, you do not really need such high-priced bike. You may opt for a penny pincher (which can be around £500).

It may sound cheap but you can practically own a decent bike within £500. With such price range, you may want to be particular on the brand and quality. Mid-level hardtail will do you good, given that it is manufactured from a trusted company. However, with the said price range, it is advisable to get rid of full suspension bikes. These bikes are typically under low quality. Purchasing those (within £500) means you get to expect more costs in repair and maintenance (even if they seem to look just fine). You may want to consider Specialized Rockhopper hardtail instead of full suspension bikes. Such bike will provide you the convenience you will likely expect from a decent bike.

Cube Ltd PRO 29er

Cube Ltd PRO 29er |

Mind your price range (£500 to £1500)

If you are looking for the best mountain bikes over £500, then surely the £500 to £1000 range will already grant you a decent hardtail. A full suspension bike offered within the said range is now acceptable. Nevertheless, many decent bikes are found in Gumtree – this will ensure that you get to buy the one that does not go beyond your budget.

Grand Canyon AL 6.0

Grand Canyon AL 6.0 |

If you can go for £1500 then you are opening for more options. Having a budget of more than a thousand dollars will bring in more hardtail options. In this range, you can actually demand for high quality from the seller (even if you plan to purchase for used mountain bikes). These mountain bikes and those of pricier models will have the same frames making it difficult to determine which the pricier models are. With better parts or accessories, you can customize these bikes up to your own satisfaction.

Specialized Rockhopper Pro

Specialized Rockhopper Pro |

What riding would you like to experience?

To simplify things, we can elaborate the 3 categories under mountain bikes.

o All Trail
o Fun XC
o Challenging downhill

Considering the 3 categories, you have to realistically assess yourself. It will not be a wise move to purchase for a downhill bike when you usually spend your time riding trails (or in the mountain) – this will harm your budget as well as your bike. The best option is to purchase a trail bike and only rent for another type when needed. You do not have to worry much about your limited budget. If you spend most of your day riding local trails, hardtails are well suited to help you get back safely. Again, do not be anxious about your budget. Focus more on your need and the rest will follow.


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