Marin Hawk Hill Mountain Bike Review

Best Mountain Bikes - Marin Hawk Hill Review

The Marin Hawk Hill mountain bike is an excellent all rounder, and can be picked up online for as litle as £650, which considering the spec is great value. One of the best mountain bikes around for sure, this bike gets 4.8 stars out of a maxium possible 5 on review centre:

Average Ratings for Marin Hawk Hill

  • Value for Money4.7 stars
  • Overall rating4.8 stars
Review 1
Good Points


Brakes very strong, I am not a small man and they stopped me without any trouble (17 Stone).
Smooth gears.
Bad Points

None really. Tyre compound a bit soft but I do have trouble finding tires that last with my weight.
General Comments

Have just taken this Marin Hawk Hill bike out for its first test, I am pleased to say I was not disappointed.

Review 2

Marin Hawk Hill is a brilliant bike, great for uphill as light (that’s why i bought it), good all rounder, not really exploit it to the full capacity yet. quick release tyres and seats. its a marin.;-)
The brakes are going, not sure if its oil needs bleeding or new disc pads? The handle bars bit high for me, not sure if can adjust it? all new for me.

Review 3

awesome light weight better than scott genius rc ltd. I really like the Marin Hawk Hill Mountain bike, its one of the best bikes ive ever ridden. I love it. There is nothing bad about this bike

Review 4

Good bike for going on red single track i beat evreyone else going uphill on it! good value for money and lots of fun